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Advanced SkinCare, Lashes​ & Waxing 



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Advanced approach to smoother skin

Milita Advanced SkinCare is a skin and body studio with personalized care and treatments located in Skokie, Downtown.

 Services offered for men, women and teenagers range from Eyelash Extension/Full Body Waxing/Acne/Aging/Scaring/Hyperpigmentation Treatments/Lash & Brow lifting (lamination)/Brow tinting/Brow shaping...and more!


We are trained to exceed your skincare expectations!



About us 

With over 20 years of beauty industry training and experience, one can say that Delia, the founder of Milita Advanced Skin Care, is truly one of the top trusted beauty consultants in Chicago. She began her career as a nurse in Lithuania, where Estheticians must also have a medical background in order to practice. Delia states that her nursing background is what contributes to her tender care and patience, which she displays with every client.

Delia stands out among any other Esthetician in the Chicago land area because she is willing to take the time to offers unique skin treatments based specifically upon the client’s individual skin needs and conditions. “I customize each treatment using mostly natural European and American products with just a touch of chemical ingredients to correct stubborn skin conditions.”

What this means for the client is that they will not receive the same standard treatments that any other client may receive which may not apply to their particular needs. After a consultation, Delia will develop a treatment and care plan tailored specifically to you.

Delia’s time and delicacy in her craft extends even into her eyebrow waxing. “I take time and pride in sculpting and tinting eyebrows which I believe can transform a person’s look, which then transfers over to their self confidence and overall happiness”.

Delia offers a variety of services to clients which includes eyelash extension and lamination services, gentle body waxing; acne, antiaging and teenager facials, as well as hydra-facial, chemical peels, collagen production and skin tightening treatments, microdermabrasion, eyebrow tinting & shaping, relaxing body treatments, and much more.


We are proud to offer variety of services for eyelashes and brows from different sets of eyelash extension to lash lifting (lamination), as well as brow lamination, brow tinting and shaping (waxing or treading). 

One of the major benefits of eyelash & brow services  - it ultimately saves you time!

The Individual Eyelash Extension is a safe procedure for extending and thickening eyelashes using a special glue and hair made of a synthetic fiber looking similar to human hair.

Eyelashes are water-resistant and can be used for swimming, sun 24h after got them done. Adhesives used for extensions are not greasy, so the eyelashes should be protected from cosmetic products that may contain oils. Do not use waterproof make-up, eye creams or greasy creams. When using face creams, protect the eye area and do not apply it where the skin is in contact with the lashes. Cream-based shadows, creamy powder, or inappropriate mascara can also accelerate the drop of lashes. Avoid high heat. It is not recommended to go to the sauna or hot bath having eyelash extension. 

We offer customized eyelash extension service: from natural looking Mascara Look Set to our clients favorite Volume Set and dramatic Mega volume set.

We recommend to get refills done every 2-3 weeks. The length of time between refills depends on the care of the lashes, type and the natural lash fell off.

One of the major benefits of eyelash extension - it ultimately saves you time!

Duration of eyelash extension procedure: 45min - 2hours

The Lashes Keratin Lash Lift is a ground-breaking technique which offers clients a more safe, natural looking alternative to eye lash extensions. During the service your natural lashes are lifted back and the formulation restructures the lash. Giving you a curved, younger sexy wide eye with results that last from 8-12 weeks! This is especially a great treatment for clients who have lashes that grow straight down and are looking for natural look.

Duration of lash lifting procedure 45min - 60min.


Waxing with us will change your life forever!

There is an attractive freedom about removing unwanted hair that will enhance all aspects of your life, including your love life. Our customers have even described services like our Brazilian Bikini as a liberating experience.

The beauty of our hard wax is that it simultaneously removes your hair and exfoliates your skin by removing dead skin cells; leaving you smooth and rejuvenated.

Perfect for sensitive skin!

We use only hard wax for sensitive areas. Hard Wax is a wax that doesn’t require a strip for removal. When the wax hardens it is simply, quickly, and less painfully removed from the skin by hand. In contrast to other methods of hair removal such as shaving and hair removal creams, other waxing techniques do not cause cuts or harsh chemical odors but may cause burning to the skin and hyper pigmentation. Our wax is ideal for sensitive skin because it is made from all natural ingredients like pine resin and bees wax and is applied at body temperature.

Our high quality wax and waxing method weakens the hair follicle, consequently effecting the re-growth of the hair, making it thinner, sparser, softer and lighter. After repeated waxing service sessions, the skin texture changes dramatically with no stubble, shadow or bumps.

One of the major benefits of waxing regularly - it ultimately saves you time!

Not having to deal with hair removal on a daily basis is a relief for many of our customers.

After waxing with us, your skin will look and feel smooth and sexy and at the same time, raise your confidence level to new heights.

Waxing is also very hygienic and a great way to show off your arms, legs and bikini on the beach. Our unique waxing services, like our eyebrow and upper lip wax, can help you put your best face forward in the bedroom or the boardroom.

Our menu outlines our amazingly affordable prices for each and every individual hair removal service.

After waxing with us, you will have nothing left to hide. Try waxing your underarms and see the dark shave shadow disappear forever. Or try waxing your full legs for a life without annoying stubble ever again. Our waxing services include everything from an upper lip wax to a Brazilian Bikini to a full-body waxing.


Facial is exquisite experience features multiple products that work together for your unique skin type to renew your skin. Enjoy the amazing facial massage as you escape the outside world and begin to heal. Notice the plumping, toning, firming, and tightening feeling throughout your facial and actually see the glow in your skin right away! Tips and recommendations are always provided after treatment as following a daily skin care routine will maximize the results of treatment. Deep pore cleansing and thorough exfoliation under steam, sweep away dulling surface cells, revealing new, gorgeous skin. Monthly treatments are recommended.

Combine customized facial with additional treatment as Microdermabrasion, Chemical peel or High Frequency  to reduce acne, uneven skin texture, hyper pigmentation, aging skin sighs; upgrade your regular facial with  HydraFacial or Collagen production treatment or Oxygen facial and see incredible results!

For most people, facials can be scheduled every four weeks, although your therapist may recommend a different schedule. There are many variations of facials based on different needs, as well as different lengths of time. A mini facial may be only 20–30 minutes in length, while a more luxurious version may be 75–90 minutes in length. Tell your esthetician exactly what you want to get out of your facial, and she will be able to recommend a facial to meet your needs.



We are here for you to feel relaxed & to have glowing skin.

Our address: 4854 Oakton Str. Skokie, IL 60077

Ph. Nr.  312.838.6666 (Calls &Text messages)



I blame the holidays, but lately, my idea of self care is a Sephora mask at home and having Trader Joe's wine. Nothing wrong with that, but that's certainly not the caliber that Lyubov provides at Milita Advanced Skin Care.Literally the best thing I've done for myself! Atmosphere and intention are important to you- go here! I had an appointment 3 days ago, and my experience could not have been better. Lyubov was a phenomenal esthetician! I will be back as much as possible, and will book her specifically.

I was recommended to try facial and added microdermabrasion treatment by a coworker. I have suffered with adult acne and I've tired just about everything under the sun to get it under control. I love that Lyubov spent some time looking at my skin and really assessing before starting the facial to decide what would be right treatment for me. She whipped up some special formula that was best suited for my acne prone skin which felt amazing; and the treatment as a whole was very relaxing. She gave me a yummy neck and shoulders massages while the products on my face worked their magic. The only part that wasn't incredibly relaxing was the extractions- which, lets face it- if you have acne this what you get facial for. She was super careful but rrreally got in there and unclogged a lot of of my pores!!! Lyubov also helped me rethink my at-home skin routine(which is SO important).

I am seriosly considering becoming a member. Great customer service, skilled staff, and reasonable prices!

Kelsey K.

Facial and Wax

I am so happy I came to this place , I loved the facial and the waxing was amazing !! No pain at all!!! I honestly don’t want to go anywhere, I love MILITA’S advanced skin care spa thank youI have been coming to Dilia since before she opened this salon, for 3 years now, and I can’t even consider leaving her for anyone else. She is very gentle and patient. She is very professional and confident on her esthetician skills.I love this place! I had a very good first experience. I was taken care of by the owner herself, Dilia. She was fantastic, very friendly, and made me feel comfortable. The Spa itself is extremely clean and appealing. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone. You can’t go wrong with choosing Milita Spa for your services.


Emma was fabulous and very thorough with my waxing appt. She was super attentive, thoughtful, applied gentle pressure to help relieve the slight pain of the hard wax being removed, and even tweezed certain areas. one of the best Brazilians I've ever had in the Chicagoland area! I would highly recommend her to anyone! She's great!!


Wax and Facial

Wax: ONLY hard wax, which I love! Emma was my person, and she did an amazing job. She put pressure on the area as soon as taking off the wax, so I was in the least pain possible. What I especially appreciate was the fact that she asked if I wanted everything taken off beforehand, just because no one ever asks least not at the spas I've been, they just go for it Another plus is that she will tweeze! Any hair that doesn't need to be there and couldn't be taken off by the wax, will be gone at the end of the session, can I get an Amen, please! At checkout, she gave me a business card with her info, and a discount for $45 Brazillian anytime I decide to come back. So much yes for this girl!

Facial: Very relaxing!! I got an appointment with Juliana for a customized facial. She has the most calming voice ever, and she let me know about the products being used as she applied on my face! I got a little arm & hand massage too while waiting for the mask to dry, so I was in absolute heaven. The only minor thing that I need to mention is I didn't like the residue of some product on my hairline. It's not visible but I can feel next time I'd ask for her to wipe them off better!

Place is so small, you'd miss it from the outside if you don't pay attention, like I did...but inside is nice & smells great!

Nhi N.

Eyelash extension

I have been going to Milita for eyelashes for abut 9 months. The salon is welcoming and friendly. The rooms are relaxing, nicely decorated, and very clean. I had eyelashes from both Alesia and Mina who both do wonderful job. Alesia is an absolute expert and orofessional at applying lashes and listening to what look I wanted. I also feel the entire staff has worked with me to ensure I'm happy and that consistently strive to put me the customer first. Think that is what sets them apart from other salons! Highly recommend.

Schave M.


So relaxing and super informative! This is my third facial at Milita and they never fail to provide awsome service. My skin looks and feels sooooo much better. 



Had an excellent facial with Farnoush - they have a discounted rate to book again, so I'm going back next month. Very relaxing.


Customized facial

Great first time experience at Skokie location! This place has the best estheticians. Will definitely be returning.


Eyelash extension

For starters, Milita is the first and only company I've underwent any eyelash extension treatment. Truly terrified to go to any regards to any cosmetic services. Let me just say, as a newcomer into this industry, I have my client retention service attributed to Milita. They are so baring, patient, and courteous. from the receptionist to the lash techs, bless their hearts. Truly warming natures. Can we talk about exeptional services as well as quality and products?! No other location desired

Thank you for taking care of me, always


Eyelash extension

I love my lashes, because I basically have little stubs of natural lashes... but Milita has made my eyes come to life with their 3D volume lashes!!

You have to be prepared to take care of them, but it's worth it to have great lashes! I don't wear a lot of makeup and the extensions really benefit my natural approach.

I get compliments all the time and asked "what's different about you?" which I love because I'm such a TomBoy. My lashes make me feel amazing and confident.

Thanks Milita!!

Samantha L.

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